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INFO New LIVE Stream May 5th 2021

A live stream performance from Livrustkammaren (The Swedish Armory Museum) under The Royal Palace in Stockholm, SE.

Special guests Karolina Engdahl (TRUE MOON) & Nicklas Stenemo (KITE).

For more info go to: facebook.com/thencomessilence


On May 5th.

8 pm (London, Lisbon...)
9 pm (Stockholm, Madrid, Berlin, Brussels...)
10 pm (Moscow, Helsinki, Istanbul...)
12 pm / noon (Los Angeles, Vancouver...)
1 pm (salt lake city, denver...)
2 pm (mexico city, lima, quito...)
3 pm (new york, toronto, santiago...)
4 pm (sao paulo, buenos aires...)

Not sure yet about the time of the event in your area? Check it HERE!!!

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