INFO New LIVE Stream May 5th 2021

A live stream performance from Livrustkammaren (The Swedish Armory Museum) under The Royal Palace in Stockholm, SE.

Special guests Karolina Engdahl (TRUE MOON) & Nicklas Stenemo (KITE).

For more info go to:

On May 5th.

8 pm (London, Lisbon...)
9 pm (Stockholm, Madrid, Berlin, Brussels...)
10 pm (Moscow, Helsinki, Istanbul...)
12 pm / noon (Los Angeles, Vancouver...)
1 pm (salt lake city, denver...)
2 pm (mexico city, lima, quito...)
3 pm (new york, toronto, santiago...)
4 pm (sao paulo, buenos aires...)

Not sure yet about the time of the event in your area? Check it HERE!!!

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Tour is postponed (again).

We regret to announce that we have to push back the tour dates once more.
Be that as it may, when you get right down to it... we all want an end to this Pandemic first.
We truly miss being on the road and can't wait to meet again!
We will be back with re-scheduled dates!
Until then...
Big Love.
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“The world needs a deep and profound detoxing.

Despotes and populists are poisoning and twisting every word to their advantage.

Disharmony, lockdowns, and restrictions are playing tricks on our heads.

Divisive attitudes divide. Calling the other side idiots will only make it worse. It won’t change people’s minds.

Let’s not only hope for it; let’s work for a better new year.”

In Your Name is the fifth single from "Machine", now available via Oblivion/SPV (EU) and Metropolis Records (US). Listen / Buy HERE.

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