first european dates for 2023 announced

🏴 EU Alert! 🏴

We start selling the pre sale tickets to the May dates in EU now!

Make sure you get a ticket in time. This way you asure the event will take place and that you are one of the lucky ones with a ticket in your hand.

Ticket link:

More dates TBA!
Stay tuned

22.04.23 , Stockholm 🇸🇪 Klubb Död +
30.04.23 , Madrid 🇪🇸 DarkMad
05.05.23 , Hanover 🇩🇪 Subkultur *
09.05.23 , Hamburg 🇩🇪 Headcrash *
11.05.23 , Berlin 🇩🇪 Wild at Heart *
12.05.23 , Antwerpen 🇧🇪 Fetish Cafe *
13.05.23 , Köln 🇩🇪 Artheater *
21.07.23 , Meschede 🇩🇪 Live Am See

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2022 recap and announcement

2022 has been a year of excitement with new opportunities.

We met the American crowd for the first time on our tour to the US. We experienced some really wonderful moments like WGT, M'era Luna, Reptile Club in London, Dark Skies Over Witten, Postpunk Strikes Back Again IV and A Murder Of Crows Festival among others. We spent long hours together in a tour van with our beloved new friends from The Bellwether Syndicate and we released a new album.

There were some complications and sour notes in 2022. We had hoped that everything would be smooth and avoid more postponed shows, but some things proved too difficult to accomplish. The bitter list continued, we were diligently patching up what was broken while some things continued to break. We had to take care of personal matters and delayed US artist visas.

Now, the change... Then Comes Silence have become a three piece. We regret to announce that Mattias has left the band due to personal commitments. It was his own decision to retire from the group and we sincerely respect that.

Dear friends and followers. No despair. There's nothing to worry about.

We have an exciting year coming with live performances. There will be other exciting news with new tours and festivals to follow. Perhaps some day the three musketeers will find a D'artagnan. In the meantime, we will continue to work, perform and write because... That's what we do.

Big love and see you in 2023!

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