HORSEMEN by Then Comes Silence coming october 22nd!!

Digital Release October 22nd!

Forget the ABBA reunion! The big musical news out of Sweden this season concerns an exciting new one- offside side project, "Horsemen", from darkwave front-runners Then Comes Silence.

The Horsemen project consists of seventeen cover versions spread over four digital-only EPs entitled (after the legendary Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse) Pestilence, Famine, War and Death. A natural development from the Swedish band’s celebrated “lockdown covers” during the early months of the initial pandemic lockdown, the songs chosen for the Horsemen EPs lyrically reflect the devastating impact of the Coronavirus on the world in general and on the band in particular.

Bassist and singer Alex Svenson explains: “A song like Rainy Day In June by The Kinks sums it all up, being suddenly struck down like lightning on a sunny day. 'Horsemen' was originally a project to fill the corona gap after postponing the tour and the festivals, a kind of follow-up to the successful ‘quarantine covers’ that we filmed in the spring of 2020. But the project became a study for future releases. By learning other musicians’ work we were able to pick up new ideas and new perspectives for the next album which we're currently working on.”

Reflecting the band’s unusually wide range of influences, tracks covered range from Gene Vincent’s rock’n’roll class Be-Bop-a-Lula to Buzz Kull’s 2017 song We Were Lovers, with songs by artists as varied as Grace Jones, Dead Kennedys and Front 242 also making the cut, all now given that distinctive Then Comes Silence post-punk vibe.


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New Single "When You're Gone" OUT NOW!!!

Rightly touted as “the best genuine goth band of the 21st century” by The 69 Eyes' Jyrki, Swedish darkwave legends Then Comes Silence return with a stunning new single. The song finds the Stockholm-based purveyors of “dark, bittersweet and otherworldly music” in mellow yet up-tempo form, with singer Alex Svenson (once described as “the goth Elvis”) in reflective and melodic mood over a typically angular guitar riff that harks back to 2015's breakthrough single Strangers.

'When You're Gone' by The Comes Silence is available now on all digital platforms. Stream it HERE.


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INFO New LIVE Stream May 5th 2021

A live stream performance from Livrustkammaren (The Swedish Armory Museum) under The Royal Palace in Stockholm, SE.

Special guests Karolina Engdahl (TRUE MOON) & Nicklas Stenemo (KITE).

For more info go to:

On May 5th.

8 pm (London, Lisbon...)
9 pm (Stockholm, Madrid, Berlin, Brussels...)
10 pm (Moscow, Helsinki, Istanbul...)
12 pm / noon (Los Angeles, Vancouver...)
1 pm (salt lake city, denver...)
2 pm (mexico city, lima, quito...)
3 pm (new york, toronto, santiago...)
4 pm (sao paulo, buenos aires...)

Not sure yet about the time of the event in your area? Check it HERE!!!

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